THE HAHELOLI: Happy Healthy Long Life PHILOSOPHY: The Best Guide To A Happy Healthier Longevity

Self Awareness, Disease Prevention, Positive Mental Attitude, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Diet, Moderate Exercises, Love, Respect For Nature, Are Factors That Can Positively Modify Your Genetic Destiny, To Achieve The Goal Concept Of A Happy Healthy Longevity ! The book is Intended to inform you of new set of practices associated with the preservation of health and healthy long life living, and re-emphasis what you have known before on the simple principles of healthy living and disease prevention. And guide you to put them into practise by adopting regular hygiene practices, adequate eating pattern, healthy life style, good habits, and to be self conscious of your health, your life, and your psychological and social well being. It is very normal and clear that the aims of The HAHELOLI Philosophy to guide you to take control of your health, through self awareness, from a well defined life philosophy, to confront the challenges of diseases, the ups and downs of life, for a healthier and longer life span would be very difficult to achieve. But it´s possible and worth achieving in terms of the benefits: To live a purposeful life, a life full of positive mental attitude, that would enable one to enjoy a happy healthy life, without fear to face the reality of life and death with dignity, peace and love. Your habit is an aspect of your personality that is very difficult to change, and it is even more difficult as you get older, this is the reason why you should start right now, and stop your sedentary life, addictive habits, unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, pessimistic thinking, extremist ways, and dependent on other people; government, hospitals, doctors and other healthcare professionals. As you are your best physician! Food For Medicine, Drug-less, And Disease Free Life. Radiating Life Free Of Stress & Pain. Astonishing Life With Extraordinary Health. Start Now! To live our best happy healthy long life, we must start from our childhood to plan for the long haul to avoid untimely death, avoid pain and disease later in life. If you were unable to start taking control of your health from childhood, it is never too late, start now.By practising and taking all the necessary preventative measures, tips for a healthy lifestyle, and the prescriptions for health in this book, you will surely achieve a HAHELOLI: Happy Healthy Long Life ! This book is purposed to inform you about different possibilities to stay healthy, be in good term with yourself, and your healthcare givers. Knowing that you are your best doctor, prudently using drugs, respecting nature and using the abundant and the blessing of nature to solve your health problem. And to know that there are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Please do not misinterpret the information in this book, it is only intended to be an informative tool for the general public, an indispensable home library reference. “.. an excellent resource for starting a journey with self awareness approaches through the various human developmental stages and their associated health and life challenges. It draws on the author`s own knowledge and experience of life and health, so strengthen confidence in the reader’s mind that the author knows and understands the journey only too well, and the changes needed for good health and longevity. The evidence drawn from numerous scientific sources helps support the book’s content and is invaluable for ‘all pockets’. This book will be enormously valuable for numerous clinicians and practitioners in helping them develop patient - centred neediness frame to deliver the HAHELOLI Philosophy concepts for patients to take control of their health problems, while they are professionally guided.

Dr Roth AMM $ Dr. Aruya A. Ayo

12/27/20221 min read

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