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Bodegas Navajas

2,99€ - 8,99€


2.99€ - 8,99€

Olive Oil,                      Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

US $450.0-950.0 / Metric Tons
Groundnut - Arachis Hypogaea

US $1000-3200 / Metric Ton

Garlic  - Allium Sativum         US $600-2000 / Metric Ton

Onion -  Allium Cepa 

US $400-700 / Ton

Ginger - Zingiber Officinale         US $200-600 / Ton
 Hot Chilli Pepper 

US $2500-3500 / Ton

 California Walnuts 

US $7.5-8.8 / Kilogram 

US $1000-2500 /  Ton 

Raw Cashew Nuts - w320  

US $1000-8000 / Metric Ton

Coffee Bean

US $2400-3000 / Ton

Cocoa Bean 

$10-35 / Kilogram

US $35000-65000 / Piece

 Products Sales Guide:

  • Medysalud Group Products marketing  are categorized under retail, wholesale, export & Import. 70%  of our business is with wholesales or bulk buyers, while 30% with retailers or personal consumer, in all cases  products´ prices are very cheap as a result of  direct supply from manufactures. We are partnered with various manufacturers, producers, and bulk supplers all over the globe, this is why our worldwide distribution network, provide job for thousands of importers, exporters, distributors, agents, representatives etc. of our products and services.

  • For producers and  manufacturers of health products,  ranging from herbals and plant medicine, pharmaceutic products and drugs,  Vitamins & Minerals, sports and diet  supplements, diet and nutrition,  agricultural products, natural cosmetics, fitness,  health and medical books & software, hospital and medical equipments, orthopedic,  electronics, etc. to  household products. Please send us email through our contact form below, to help create the most effective  distribution network for your products.
  • For Establishments with clearance stock, Medysalud offers the best price for your Stock Health Products, or Health Products due to establishment fold up,  items that are abandoned, unpaid warehouse consignments, cancelled orders or late deliveries, insurance salvage or damaged cargo, general clearance, surplus stock or overproduction, mail order antiques and reproductions close-outs or frustrated imports or exports etc. we hope to hear from you.
  • For wholesales and bulk buyers (importers, exporters, warehousing, distributors, government or private establishments like hospitals, health ministries, research centers, universities, etc.), send us email: or use ou contact form below.
  • Also, Retailers, or for personal consumption please surf our website for good deals: Products and for any inquiry, we hope to hear from you too.
  • We welcome every buyer with our special offers, to the public, to resellers like shopkeepers, mail order company, online shop or store,  market trader and wholesale trade suppliers.
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